5 Common Questions About Winter Siding

1.  Is it too cold to install siding during the winter?
Not at all. We have lived and worked in Minnesota all our lives, so we are familiar with weather conditions. We’ve adapted some of our work processes to the cold and snow that we know are part of job. Premium products such as James Hardie or LP SmartSide have no issues installing in freezing temperatures. It does not affect the integrity of the product.


2.  Does it cost more to install siding during the winter?
Just the opposite! Because our schedule is lighter from January through March, we often offer discounts on installations during that period. In addition, siding in winter makes it easier for us to work around landscaping in your yard. You could end up saving quite a bit of money!


3.  In order to receive a winter discount, when would my siding need to be installed?
Winter discounts begin in early January. Work must be completed by March 31.


4.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of a winter siding installation?

  • Save money on installation
  • Lower home heating costs, starting immediately
  • Easier to work around landscaping without doing any damage
  • You’ll have a beautiful “new” home in the spring!


  • There may be minor delays if weather conditions are excessively harsh
  • Vinyl siding may be brittle and crack when cutting or installing.
  • Extra Cleanup may be required in the spring.


5.  What are some common concerns people have about winter installations?

  • Will my home freeze during the installation?  No. Siding is generally installed over the existing exterior of the home, so the winter winds will not be howling through open walls!
  • Will the freezing temperatures compromise the integrity of the siding in any way?  No, if there were any chance of that we wouldn’t do it.  The only types of winter construction that are affected are concrete/masonry work and certain roof installations.  We would not do any work one your home unless the weather is compatible.



We have completed hundreds of winter installations over the years and never had a problem.  Everybody wins:  we keep busy and our customers save money.